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Welcome to Guang Ci Tang® patent Traditional Chinese Medicine products.

Since its introduction to USA more than a decade ago, Guang Ci Tang has enjoyed a significant growth among Chinese medicine practitioners and customers each year thanks to the efficacy and scope of its patent products.


Superiority of Guang Ci Tang products starts with their formulations. As anyone who is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine may tell, a right combination of herbs is crucial to the success in practicing Chinese medicine. Often than not, products bearing the same name have different formulations both in term of the variety of Chinese herbs and the dose of each single herb. Guang Ci Tang has experts who are masters of both Chinese medicine literature and Chinese medicine practices. Many formulas Guang Ci Tang develops have their own uniqueness that may maximize their efficacy.

Guang Ci Tang offers a full line of over 140 different Chinese herbal formulas, covering a large variety of health concerns. They range from the famous ancient remedies that address concerns related to disorders in Yin, Yang, Qi, Blood etc. to remedies that focus on modern concerns on sugar, cholesterol, migraine etc.. No matter what patients Chinese herbs practitioners may see, chances are they always have something to offer to patients.

Guang Ci Tang products are manufactured in Shanghai TongHanChun Herbs Factory. The factory is GMP certified (see GMP Certificate below). The production strictly follows the principle of "authentic medicinal materials, traditional preparation, and scientific process". All herbs are extracted and concentrated. They do not contain pharmaceuticals, artificial colors, and sugar. Heavy metals are in compliance with the standards set by US Pharmacopoeia. Each bottle is heat sealed. Each product is available in both the 200 pill and the 100 or 200 tablet form with only a few exceptions.

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As recent concerns grow over the safety of foods imported from China, the Chinese government has required all foods for export and their manufacturers to pass a special inspection and certification process since September 2007. Our manufacturer Shanghai TongHanChun Herbs Factory is among the first herbs factory to have received the CIQ certification and certification of People’s Republic of China Sanitary Registration for Food Manufacture & Export (Certification No: 3100/19038) issued by China Inspection and Quantinne (CIQ) authority (see CIQ certificate below). This certifies that TongHanChun has met the strict requirements of Chinese laws and regulations governing food export and is permitted to engage in manufacturing the Guang Ci Tang® patent Chinese medicines for export. Guang Ci Tang® products have always been imported to the United States in accordance with the FDA guidelines.

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GMP Certificate & CIQ Certificate

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