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Excellent Clinical Efficacy with Guang Ci Tang Chinese Medicine
(The Chinese Medical Report, July 8, 2008)
By Yawen Zhang, L. Ac.

I am a licensed Chinese herbal doctor of the Min Yi Tang Clinic in Northern California. Patients from different ethnic groups come to Min Yi Tang for treatment. In addition to acupuncture, I also prescribe traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) for them. Because patients of nowadays mostly prefer to take patent Chinese medicines that are easy to use, when I choose patent Chinese medicines, I have a rather strict requirement for their quality and efficacy. For many years, I’ve been using super-concentrated patent Chinese medicines of Guang Ci Tang which enjoys a great popularity among Chinese herbal practitioners. These Chinese medicines are proved to be quite effective indeed. Such efficacy can be well demonstrated from the following clinical cases:

Case 1: A white male patient, born in 1959, was a computer engineer. He was diagnosed to have a goiter that is not associated with thyroid dysfunction. The symptoms include persistent neck enlargement, dry cough, hoarse voice, and difficulty in breathing and swallowing. After my diagnosis with Chinese medicine, I found his illness was “Qi goiter”. The patient’s depression caused Qi and phlegm to silt in the neck and resulted in his illness. For the treatment: I prescribed him Xiang Yin Wan (VoiceGold) and Ban Xia Hou Po Wan of Guang Ci Tang on top of the acupuncture treatment. After one week, his difficulty in swallowing was lessened, his hoarse voice was recovered a bit, and his breath became smooth again. Two weeks later, his neck enlargement was reduced and the nodule became soft. I then suggested the patient to control his diet to speed his recovery.

Case 2: A friend of mine, surnamed Tian, used to suffer a lot from periodontitis (named gingival atrophy or gingival malnutrition or toothache in Chinese medicine). Introduced by Doctor Niu, he then took Guang Ci Tang's Kang Zhong Pian (Tumoclear). Three to five days later, his red swollen gums were recovered and he felt no more pains.

Case 3: A male patient of India origin had been suffering from constipation for many years. He had taken many kinds of prescription medicines for constipation which were made in either USA or China, but none of them achieved an ideal effect. Later, he came to my clinic for treatment, and I prescribed Tong Bian Pian (Constipass) of Guang Ci Tang for him. In a very short time, he found it had a significant result on his disease. I also told him not to eat too much spicy food such as curry preferred by Indians. The patient was so glad to finally get liberated from years of suffering and referred his friends with similar symptoms to our Min Yi Tang clinic to buy the same product. When they came they all held the bottle of Tong Bian Pian.

For patients with gastroenteritis, Guang Ci Tang's Ban Xia Xie Xin Pian has very good results in helping recover their digestive function. For patients with pain symptoms, after diagnosis I prescribe Xue Fu Zhu Yu Pian or Shen Tong Zhu Yu Pian based on the distinctive nature of their symptoms. These two Chinese medicines can effectively relieve symptoms of blood stasis and liver Qi stagnation. When it comes to common gynecological diseases, Guang Ci Tang' Shao Fu Zhu Yu Pian and Xiao Yao Wan (Pian) bring rather satisfactory results.

I have a deep understanding on the wise saying that “a good doctor applies both acupuncture and medicine”, and I am also very aware that good medicines are indispensable for a good doctor. Therefore, when I prescribe traditional Chinese medicines to my patients, I always choose the “good medicines”. In America, using “good medicines” is of particularly importance for a licensed Chinese herbal doctor. In the beginning, I used several famous traditional Chinese medicines brands including “Tong Ren Tang”, I then focused on using Guang Ci Tang TCM when I found other brands didn’t offer a large variety of Chinese herbal formulas and often times run short of supply. While Tong Ren Tang is a TCM brand with a history of over one hundred years, Guang Ci Tang is a TCM brand manufactured by Shanghai TongHanChun Herbs Factory which is also one of the leading TCM manufacturers in China and with a history of over one hundred years. Indeed, results of my years of clinical practices indicate that quality and efficacy of these two TCM brands are the same. As Guang Ci Tang is only marketed to the North America and its Chinese medicines are rich in variety, reasonable in pricing and timely in supply, it has greater advantages compared with other famous brands. Our practices in using Guang Ci Tang TCM have proved that “good medicines” not only reassure Chinese herbal doctors but also satisfy the patients. I sincerely hope that more scientific Chinese medicines like the ones from Guang Ci Tang will become known and benefit the health of people all over the world.

(Translated from the original in Chinese)

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