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(The Chinese Medical Report, October 8, 2008)
By licensed acupuncturist Ping Wu (California)

I am a licensed acupuncturist of California. I graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China. Ever since I came to America, I have been a professor in American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over ten years, mainly giving lectures on TCM general theory and TCM diagnostics and serving as a clinical supervisor. In the meantime, I founded my own clinic in Fremont of North California, and have been practicing Chinese medicine for more than ten years.

As a TCM practitioner, I know how important Chinese medicine is in the practice intuitively. I therefore pay much attention on their quality and efficacy when it comes to choose Chinese patent medicines. Over the years, I have been always and solely using the patent Chinese medicines of Guang Ci Tang. As for the reason why I trust this brand so much, it is from my personal experience of taking its Chinese medicines not long after I came to America. At the time, I was preparing for the exam of acupuncturist license and getting ready to teach at the college, I had to work very hard, and consequently I had developed insomnia and got tired easily, sometimes even with palpitation. After a dialectic diagnosis by myself, I decided to adjust my body with Chinese medicines. Since I had no time to cook raw Chinese herbs, I considered to try the Chinese patent medicine Gui Pi Wan. Just one week after I took the Gui Pi Wan from Guang Ci Tang, all my symptoms were gone. Needless to say, I was very impressed by the patent Chinese medicines of Guang Ci Tang. Later on, I opened my own clinic and started to use a greater variety of patent Chinese medicines of Guang Ci Tang, which all achieved perfect results and made my patients quite satisfactory. Meanwhile, I became more and more skillful in using the Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicines.

In my experience, many common ailments can be taken care of with employment of a single Guang Ci Tang patent Chinese medicine as long as the right diagnosis and the right prescription are made. For instance, I often use Shan Zha Jiang Zhi Wan to deal with some of the so-called "three highs" (namely hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension) patients, Geng Nian An Wan to help many women in their menopause, and Qi Ju Di Huang Wan to treat patients with headache caused by deficiency fire, all with remarkable results. For patients with complicated symptoms, satisfactory results may be achieved with a combination of two or three kinds of Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicines. For example, I use Xiao Yao Wan and Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan to help young women with menstrual disorders or patients with symptoms of depression and malaise caused by stress at work. And I prescribe Xiao Yao Wan together with Liu Wei Di Huang Pian or Zhi Bo Di Huang Pian for severe menopausal syndrome with good results as well.

Very impressively, I have a rather successful experience of applying Guang Ci Tang's Shen Ling Bai Zhu Pian to deal with obesity caused by the Spleen weakness. Many such patients can steadily lose three pounds of weight each week by taking it. Unlike most weight loss pills on the market that causes weight loss by means of diarrhea, Shen Ling Bai Zhu Pian acts to adjust the balance in the body, improve physical strength, and enhance digestive function. It results in the strengthened metabolism and gradual weight reduction. As most ingredients in this Chinese medicine are food themselves, it is safe to take it for a long period. My customers who succeeded in losing weight this way are all excited about it and praise that it is really a miracle product specially made for them.

Prescribing the right as well as the quality Chinese medicine to relieve patients from what they suffer brings them satisfaction, but also brings acupuncturists a sense of achievement. Once a white male patient who had been suffering from poor sleep for a long time came to my clinic for treatment. He looked exhausted with palpitation. My diagnosis suggested that he did not have adequate Yin energy and Blood, so I prescribed him An Shen Bu Xin Wan of Guang Ci Tang. After finishing just one bottle, he came back for a follow-up consultation. He appeared so much different, joyfully saying "it works." In another example, a patient over fifty came to my clinic, telling me "my ears are ringing for the whole day." He also felt as if the sky and earth were spinning around, and thus could not fall into sleep at night. Per my diagnosis, I thought the patient was having severe symptoms of Liver-Kidney Yin deficiency that could be better treated with with taking herbs in the form of decoction. But he refused to do so as he got no time to cook raw Chinese herbs. Under that circumstance, I let him try Guang Ci Tang's Er Long Zuo Ci Pian. I gave him a bottle and asked him to take it for one week. At that time, I doubted if a single bottle of it could make a big difference. However, to my surprise, when the patient returned for a follow-up consultation one week later, I noticed a remarkable improvement in his mental outlook the moment he stepped into my clinic. As soon as he saw me, the patient said cheerfully "Doctor Wu, you are so great! My symptoms of earache and tinnitus have been greatly relieved."

For over ten years, I have been always using the Guang Ci Tang patent Chinese medicines. My clinical practice shows that all its products that I have used are proved to be stable in quality, outstanding in efficacy, and truly extraordinary. I have also recommended Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicines to my relatives and friends, and their feedbacks are all very positive. To let more people recognize the importance of good Chinese medicines in achieving treatment goals, I wrote this article to share my personal experiences with fellow practitioners and those who love Chinese medicines, so that good Chinese medicines with unique efficacy like those of Guang Ci Tang can bring benefits to the health of more people. For more details or further discussion, please call me at 510-713-9086.

(Translated from the original in Chinese)

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