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Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicine: effective and worth recommending
(The Chinese Medical Report, November 12, 2007)
By Heming Gu, L. Ac. (California)

Besides acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is another extremely important treatment tool used by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors in their practice. Chinese medicines are traditionally compounded with Chinese herbs that play different roles as master, deputy, assistant, and envoy at doses adjusted to the condition of individual patients to achieve the desired outcome. However, cooking the raw Chinese herbs is a complex and time-consuming process. Patients at the present time, especially those in USA, mostly prefer the convenient Chinese patent medicines. Therefore, how to choose quality Chinese patent medicines wisely and apply them according to the symptoms becomes an extremely important task for TCM doctors.

At the early days I ran my clinic in USA, I tried so many brands of Chinese patent medicines, among which some did not have good efficacy, some did, but they had only a few products to select from and some products were even out of stock for quite a long time. So often times I worried about finding a right brand of Chinese patent medicines. Then a fellow practitioner recommended the Guang Ci Tang super-concentrated patent Chinese medicines, which have great selection, stable quality and good efficacy. At the beginning I only tried a few of them. The result proved very successful. Then I use Guang Ci Tang in my clinical practice comprehensively and exclusively. It has been more than 10 years now.

During the years, I have been prescribing Guang Ci Tang patent Chinese medicines all the time. I regularly use a few dozens of them and have successfully treated acute and chronic diseases in areas ranging from internal medicine, surgery to gynecology. It’s worth mentioning that 5 years ago, Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicines, produced by Shanghai Tong Han Chun herbs factory, one of the leading TCM manufacturers in China, went through the innovation from producing the traditional "pills” to the new “tablets”. This innovation has further improved the product quality and efficacy and has been well received.

Many of my patients suffered from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Guang Ci Tang’s Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian, Jiang Ya Pian and Dong Qing Dan Shen Pian have worked well for them. Most impressively was a case involving a young woman who suffered from cancer got her condition under control after surgery and chemotherapy for two years. One day suddenly her whole body turned yellow and there was no stool and urination. The situation was very critical and her doctor couldn’t find help in Western medicine. She sought the help of Chinese medicine. The patient was recommended to take Guang Ci Tang Tumoclear and Qing Dan Hua Shi Pian. After two days, she started to discharge some stool and urine, and the yellow on her body started to fade too. One week later, she returned to the normal condition.

I feel very confident to use Guang Ci Tang super-concentrated patent Chinese medicines to help patients deal with their diseases. Patients feel the same confidence too. Some even took similar Chinese patent medicines from other brands previously but did not get noticeable results, they asked me why the effect of Guang Ci Tang products is so much better?

In my opinion, the treasure house of Chinese medicine is splendid and profound. Each procedure in its production process, from the sourcing of raw Chinese herbs, processing of Chinese herbs, to formulation, is essential and requires great skills. Even a tiny mistake in any procedure can make a big difference in the quality and efficacy of the final products. This is just like the cooking process. The same ingredients and recipe may end up much differently in taste under well known and ordinary chefs. Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicines produced by the famous Shanghai Tong Han Chun Tang herbs factory are reliable in quality and effect, trusted, and worth recommending.

From my years’ practicing Chinese medicine, I can testify that no matter how skillful a doctor might be, without quality Chinese medicine, he or she will end up nowhere. Recently, fake Chinese medicines are spreading overseas, we TCM doctors need to be very careful in choosing Chinese patent medicine. If poor quality Chinese medicines are used, it may not only harm the patients, but also hurt the reputation and the integrity of the practitioner, and even damage the overall reputation of TCM. Today, I am glad to share my successful story with Guang Ci Tang and would like to recommend the brand to my fellw practitioners and patients. I am sure as long as we use reputed brands like Guang Ci Tang, the fake or inferior Chinese medicine will disappear eventually and Chinese medicine will enjoy a great future.

(Translated from the original in Chinese)

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