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Superior Chinese Medicines Offer Great Help to Acupuncturists
(The Chinese Medical Report, December 12, 2007)
By licensed acupuncturist Jialing You (Northern California)

"Even you can apply acupuncture needles skillfully, without Chinese medicines, you are still far from a good doctor." As the saying goes among TCM practitioners, most Chinese herbal doctors treasure the needles and Chinese medicine as a pair of hands in their treatment. But what kind of needles and Chinese medicine should they choose to empower their hands? This is a question each TCM practitioner should take seriously.

I was told that some colleagues, allured by false advertisements, purchased some acupuncture needles at so-called "promotional prices". These needles as a result were found to have brought not only inconvenience but also pains to the patients during acupuncture. Some needles even hooked muscles and caused bleeding. These needles are certainly useless. It turned out that they were produced by an amateur manufacturer using inferior materials. These shoddy products are hard to tell with naked eyes, but are easily detectable with appropriate instruments.

The problem of the needles is easily noticed, the needles can be simply discarded without causing any big harm. But the same does not apply to Chinese medicine. The damage of using counterfeit Chinese medicines is not visible immediately and may take several days or even much longer time to be unfolded. But sooner or later the problem will be exposed. The resulting damages at the least caused the delay in the treatment, or even worse, may ruin the patientís health, which runs obviously against the goal of Chinese medicine. Thus, we Chinese herbal doctors shall be careful in selecting the Chinese medicines. Only we choose good Chinese medicines can we fulfill the aim of saving the patients from illnesses.

In my practice, I always select the Chinese medicines with great care. Those well known brands possessing good reputation and stable quality are my favorite choice. For more than ten years, I like very well to use the Guang Ci Tang brand of super-concentrated patent Chinese medicines, produced by Shanghai Tong Han Chun herbs factory. I usually use its San Jin Pian to treat the patientís urinary tract infection, Fu Fang Qing Dai Pian to help cure skin disruptions, and Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang to treat chronic sufferings from stroke. And they all produce great results. I prescribe Guang Ci Tang brand Xiao Yao Wan to my patients with gynecologic disorders. Many of them comment that the product is superior to similar products from other brands.

For the patients suffering from the cold, I would first distinguish the underlying causes such as wind cold, wind heat, and the severity of viral infection, and accordingly prescribe with Guang Ci Tang Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian, Ling Qiao Jie Du Pian, or Shuang Huang Lian with satisfactory results. Once a patient caught a severe cold with persistent high fever and was very weak. My diagnosis suggested that the patient was hit by both cold and heat, together with a viral infection. Then I compounded Guang Ci Tang's Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian, Ling Qiao Jie Du Pian, and Shuang Huang Liang with different doses. The patient soon sweated, and felt much relieved after the prescription is taken. This example shows that as long as one chooses the right Chinese medicine, has the right prescription, the result can be achieved at no time.

I have successfully treated a variety of diseases with the application of dozens of Guang Ci Tang patent Chinese medicines I habitually use. Their very reliable quality and remarkable results are highly admired by my patients and much trusted by myself as well. Over the years, whether in my leisure time or during trips, or even when I travel back to China to visit my family and friends, I always carry several necessary Guang Ci Tang products in case one should need them. As the saying goes, "It is terrible for a man to enter a wrong profession or for a woman to marry a wrong man." Being a Chinese herbal doctor, I would like to add that "It is a tragedy for a TCM practitioner to choose a wrong medicine."

With years of practice in Chinese medicine, I deeply understand that, no matter how skillful a TCM practitioner you are, you mostly rely on Chinese medicines for successful treatments. Only if you use superior Chinese medicines, they can become your good helper to deal with the disease. On the contrary, if the Chinese medicines you use are of poor quality, they cannot help you but only cause you a great harm, as if you break your own arm. Therefore, when we TCM practitioners select the Chinese herbs, we should be highly attentive and select only the brands that are effective, reliable, and trustworthy. Only in this way we can apply the Chinese medicine to realize the ideal of improving human well being and to promote development of Chinese medicine skills and ethnics.

(Translated from the original in Chinese)

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