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(The Chinese Medical Report, June 15, 2008)

I have been practicing Chinese medicine for more than 40 years. In my practice, I have always applied the concept of a dialectical and comprehensive diagnosis and paid great attention to integrate acupuncture, moxibustion, and Chinese medicine together in the treatment process. In the past, Chinese herbs have to be cooked by patients before the resulting decoction can be served, which is a cumbersome process disliked by many patients . Now, many Chinese herbs are available in the form of extract particles that can be easily taken with some hot water, but a lot of young patients and patients from other ethnic groups still do not adapt themselves to it. For the convenience of patients, I usually prescribe them patent Chinese medicines. As a lot of patients I treat have chronic and intractable ailments, I have to prescribe some tonic Chinese medicines to nourish and adjust the body in addition to acupuncture. The quality and effectiveness of Chinese patent medicines become demanding. Fortunately I selected the product line of Guang Ci Tang concentrated Chinese medicines. For over a decade I have experienced a great deal of the Guang Ci Tang Chinese medicines and firmly believe that they are not only affordable, but also quite effective. Particularly, five years ago, Guang Ci Tang developed the tablet form of Chinese patent medicines, which brought new breakthrough in product reliability and unique health benefits.

Among Guang Ci Tang concentrated Chinese medicines, I often use Liu Wei Di Huang Wan/Pian, the related Qi Ju Di Huang Wan/Pian and Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan/Pian, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan/Pian, Shan Zha Jiang Zhi Wan/Pian, Long Dan Xie Gan Wan/Pian, Xiao Yao Wan/Pian, Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan/Pian, and Jiang Ya Wan/Pian. All these Chinese medicines can achieve unique benefits in promoting the health on a variety of diseases as long as a right diagnosis is made.

I am very impressed with a case involving a student of mine in France. She had a tumor of 4.2 cm in diameter on her neck and had set an appointment with her doctor to remove it by surgery. In the last minute, she called me and I express-mailed her six bottles of Guang Ci Tang Nei Xiao Luo Li Wan. After she had taken 3 bottles continuously according to my advice, she felt that the nodule was becoming smaller. After 12 bottles, she went back to the doctor for examination and found the tumor was reduced to 1.8 cm. She is still taking the product. A relative of mine in Hainan, China was also troubled by a benign tumor on the neck. After taking the Guang Ci Tang Nei Xiao Luo Li Wan I sent him, the tumor has dramatically shrunk as well. Nowadays for patients who live abroad and suffer with similar tumors, as I have no way to give them acupuncture treatments, I have to treat them with Chinese medicines in the same way. And they yield really satisfied results.

I once had an old male patient who suffered a lot with his long time allergic rhinitis. I gave him several acupuncture treatments and prescribed him some Chinese medicine and the result was remarkable. As the man was busy and lived far from me, he could not take the acupuncture treatment often, thus I gave him Guang Ci Tang Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan. After taking it for 2 months, he is basically recovered from the allergic rhinitis that has bothered him more than ten years. I have used this method to deal with many similar patients successfully.

Admittedly, as a saying goes, "Pills are slow in taking the effect". Nevertheless, valuable clinical practices have demonstrated that better results and quicker recovery can be achieved with the combination of Chinese medicine with acupuncture. For the patients who do not have the privilege of taking acupuncture treatments, it is very important and necessary to take Chinese medicines like those from Guang Ci Tang that are really reliable in quality, effective, and regarded as a means of treatment. Such excellent Chinese medicines are worth recommending for the benefit of more people.

(Translated from the original in Chinese)

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